Mounir Guirguis, D.D.S, F.I.C.O.I.

(5) Family Dentistry
I switched dental plans through my job, and after getting assigned to a dental office that neither my husband or I wanted, I landed at MAK Dental. What a relief! Patty at the front desk is very fri...
I can honestly say this is one of the best dentistry in vallejo, very nice and truly caring staff and Dr. and the availability is great compared to other dental places. Had a lot of dental work nee...
After transferring to my husband's insurance, I realized that we got the worst HMO delta dental.    While searching for a dentist, I read many horror stories about the dentists on the insurance lis...
Really like this dentist they are friendly take great care of your teeth and at the end they give you a tooth brush and tooth paste. I really like that they are open on Saturdays to. I like that th...
I have been treated for so many years by various doctors.. this clinic has an artist not a doctor .. I can promise anyone who will go there that the treating process will be very smooth and easy. F...

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